Public beta is now live. Please be aware, that Kuhldata live is still in development!

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What is Kuhldata live?

Kuhldata live is a new way to utilize your simracing data from iRacing®. It streams your telemetry and other sim-data to your dashboard with minimal delay and visualizes it there for you and your team, practice buddy or coach. This will enable your practice buddy or coach to give feedback instantly while you are still driving. Your data will only be recorded in your session and only for the duration of the session. It will never be shared with other sessions. This way, you retain full control.


*or practicing with your practice buddy

While practicing Kuhldata live is a useful tool for you and your practice buddy to give feedback to the current driver in realtime. The coach will see all the drivers data together with a reference lap without waiting for logs to upload and without the need for the driver to get out of the car. This way the coach can give feedback instantly, while the driver still remembers how the last turn “felt” and apply the feedback on the next lap.

Use Live Telemetry

Receive live telemetry data and display it along with a reference lap that one of you recorded earlier in your session. To give instant feedback. There is also a space for your iRacing® window.
live screen

Compare Laps

Compare two recorded laps for a quick post stint analysis. You can compare laps from different cars and sessions, no problem.
compare screen

Driver Lap view

List all laps of a driver to track the progress. Times, fuel consumption and top speeds are logged.
laps screen

More data

As a bonus, Kuhldata live records how the weather develops in your session and helps you with calculating fuel usage on a min / avg / max basis.
weather screen
All the above is available for you to use now!
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Additional features 4coaching are planned. Keep yourself up-to-date in our discord.


Pricing is simple. No subscription, just pay per use.

Beta Price

incl. 19% Vat.
inkl. all available features
for up to 5 drivers
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How it works...

Unlike most telemetry solutions, Kuhldata streams all required data directly from the driver to the current Kuhldata session. This means that all data (iRacing® shares) is available live and can be used to make the right decisions and provide quick feedback.

Kuhldata live is not an "overlay" that should be used by the driver. The idea is that the driver's data is accessible to his team so that the driver can better concentrate on his actual task - driving! Meanwhile, the coach / practice buddy or crew chief can evaluate the data and make appropriate decisions.

To do this, each driver needs to download the Kuhldata logger, run it while driving and pair it with the session.

Your data will only be recorded in your session and only for the duration of the session. It will not be shared with other sessions.

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What's so special about kuhldata?
kuhldata live focuses on live data. The idea is that you have the recorded data available while recording it. This makes it possible to give feedback or make race-critical decisions instantly while the driver focusing on doing the best job he can.
The Kuhldata logger was blocked by my operating system, what can I do?
In case of a detection as “unknown application” click “more details” and then “run anyways”. In case of a detection as Malware, you can add an exception in your AntiVirus program. It would be very helpful, if you could send me a screenshot of the detection (kuhldata Discord server), so that I can contact the developer of the anti malware program and remove the false detection.
What data channels are available?
At the moment you can access the following data channels: Throttle input, brake input, steering, ABS state, speed in kph or mph, selected gear, RPMs, laptime, sectortime, Lat and Lon acceleration, yaw rate and angle, ingame frames per second, fuel usage as kg/h or liter over distance. If something is missing for your usecase, join our discord here.
I want to test kuhldata live but I don’t want to pay…
Keep an eye on the kuhldata Discord server. As Kuhldata live is not finished yet I will post what needs to be tested next there from time to time. If you are able to help with the current need, shoot me a dm in discord and we’ll find a slot where we test it together and you can use kuhldata for some hours afterwards for free.
What happend to the endurance pitwall software?
I decided, that the current kuhldata live architecture fitting the coaching usecase well but is not the right way to do a pitwall software, therefore I will develope a separate tool as pitwall software. More infos on that later.
Can I use Kuhldata as an overlay for myself?
While you could open the dashboard on a second monitor, this is not how Kuhldata is usually used. The idea is, that your crew chief or practice buddy / coach looks at the dashboard while you are driving and take away the data part from you, to make a plan for your team to succeed or give you feedback when you need it - all while you concentrate on driving.
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